Updates of Yet Another Space Shooter http://www.yass-engine.de/ Serving with updates of YASS since March 2010. en-us 08.05.2010 - Revision 11 The first update of the development release includes several bugfixes as well as some completely new features. The highlights are: You can now talk to the AI characters which are running around in the earth surface level and you can also shoot them whereupon they will react appropiately. In addition to that there are some speed improvements in this release due to compiler optimization and the usage of multiple threads for level loading.

In detail the changes are:

  1. new AI (built from scratch)
  2. speed improvements due to compiler optimizations
  3. added multi-core support for texture and mesh loading
  4. grass added on earth surface
  5. fixed a bug that prevented the AI from being shot
  6. fixed character transformation when a control is released
  7. fixed shooting range issue (shooting from inside the building)
  8. removed crosshair in game menu

28.03.2010 - Revision 9 This is the initial revision of the development release. The game should run pretty stable, but there are still some issues left. For detailed information about known bugs, please visit the forum.

This release includes about anything included in the third techdemo plus some new features. First of all there is an updater, to get further modifications of the game. Additionally you can drive around in a wheeled car and you can take control of the spacecraft carrier in earth orbit after boarding. There are also weapons to pick up and to destroy stuff with them. Graphical improvements include normal and specular mapping, terrain splatting, level-of-detail system for general objects and advanced planet rendering with atmospheric effects.