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Yet Another Spaceshooter

Be welcome, if this is the first time you visit this site, the About YASS page might be a good place to start for you. There you will find information about what YASS is and what it will be.

This starting page is split up into two groups: one more often updated section about the ongoing development and the other about other and bigger news.

We also have a forum where you can ask questions or just tell us about anything you want.

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Development News




We now have a working elevator on board of the freighter. So it is possible to land with your spacecraft on the freighter hangar deck and take the elevator up to either the machine room or upper deck where the bridge is located.
No need anymore ...


Latest client update: 08.05.2010

YASS Development Team

The first update of the development release includes several bugfixes as well as some completely new features. The highlights are: You can now talk to the AI characters which are running around in the earth surface level and you can also shoot them whereupon they will react appropiately. In addition to that there are some speed improvements in this release due to compiler optimization and the usage of multiple threads for level loading.

In detail the changes are:

  1. new AI (built from scratch)
  2. speed improvements due to compiler optimizations
  3. added multi-core support for texture and mesh loading
  4. grass added on earth surface
  5. fixed a bug that prevented the AI from being shot
  6. fixed character transformation when a control is released
  7. fixed shooting range issue (shooting from inside the building)
  8. removed crosshair in game menu

General News

YASS @ YouTube



There is a brandnew YASS gameplay video available on YouTube, you can watch it here:

Further videos will follow to give you an overview of the current state of development. Soon you‘ll also be able to watch them directly from this site.

Older news

More news are available in the Archive.


Use the arrows to scroll to the pictures and click on an image, to see a larger Version in a popup.